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NextMind AGI project

The NextMind Artificial General Intelligence project is NextMind’s main and most important project that aims to
create a strong artificial intelligence. AGI is based on a high-level connectionism approach and
can be represented as a digital brain; each section is differentiated and performs specific functions.
The NextMind's digital brain features an advanced flexibility mechanism, similar
to neuroplasticity in complex biological neural networks, such as the human brain.
AGI project development is accompanied by introduction of new methods to achieve highest
level of abstraction in the design of deep neural network architectures.

At NextMind, we also deal with hardware tasks for creation of energy-efficient, low-cost, high performance
hardware solutions. The Stella NPU family offers a great combination of high performance and energy efficiency.
In the long-term perspective, we are considering the possibility of designing hybrid biological and artificial neural networks
that would facilitatethe use of AGI breakthroughs to enhance human cognitive abilities significantly.
Generally, AGI is a long-term project that incorporates latest breakthroughs in advanced artificial intelligence.
The project aims at creating a digital mind free from the usual limitations of human intelligence;
a digital brain that can properly use the great intellectual potential and resources of the universe.

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